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British Railways Titled Trains I - R

These packs are ideal for detailing the many excellent carriages from manufacturers such as Hornby, Bachmann, Dapol and Farish. Produced in high resolution on quality photographic card, each pack includes a brief history of the titled service together with full instructions. The Titled Train Packs from Sankey Scenics offer excellent quality at a very affordable price.


4mm Scale / OO Gauge


4mm Scale / OO Gauge


4mm Scale / OO Gauge


4mm Scale / OO Gauge


4mm Scale / OO Gauge


4mm Scale / OO Gauge


Click on the images for larger view

The Irish Mail

The Irish Mail Train

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-IMAIL

The Irishman

The Irishman Train

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-IMAN

The Kentish Belle

The Kentish Belle Train

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-KENTBEL

The Lakes Express

The Lakes Express

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-LAKES

The Lancastrian

The Lancastrian Train

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-LANCAST

Man of Kent

The Man of Kent Train

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-MKENT


The Manxman

The Manxman Train

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-MANX

Master Cutler

The Master Cutler Train

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-MC

Master Cutler Pullman


A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-MCPULL

Mid-Day Scot

The Mid-day Scot Train

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-MDS


The Inter-City

The Inter-City Train

A5 Pack £4.95 TT4-INCITY

The Mancunian

The Mancunian Train

A5 Pack £4.95 TT4-MAN

The Mayflower Train

The Mayflower

A5 Pack £4.95 TT4-MAY

The Merchant Venturer

The Merchant Venturer Train

A5 Pack £4.95 TT4-MERCH

The Merseyside Express

The Merseyside Express

A5 Pack £4.95 TT4-MERSEY

The Midlander

The Midlander train

A5 Pack £4.95 TT4-MIDLAND

Quick and easy to use, the packs allow you to recreate your own named train service with the appropriate choice of coachboards, corridor tail boards and locomotive headboard. Printed to a high resolution on 240g/m2 matt photographic card, these boards when applied to coaches give them a scale thickness. Packs come with instructions and a brief histoy of the particular titled train.

If you wish to purchase any of these packs then click the link to go to

Click on the images for larger view


The Northumbrian

The Northumbrian Train

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-Northum

The North Briton

The North Briton Train

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-N BRIT

The Norfolkman

The Norfolkman Train

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-NORFOLK

Night Scotsman

The Night Scotsman Train

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-N SCOT

The Norseman

The Norseman Train

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-NORSE

The Northen Irishman

The Northern Irishman Train

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-NIRISH

The Red Rose

The Red Rose Titled Train

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-REDR

RCTS Specials

RCTS Special Trains

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-RCTS

The Queen of Scots

The Queen of Scots Train

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-QS

The Pines Express

The Pines Express

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-PINES

Penbroke Coast Express

Pembroke Coast Express

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-PEMB

The Palatine

The Palatine Train

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-PAL


Royal Highlander

The Royal Highlander Train

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-ROYALH

The Royal Duchy

The Royal Duchy Titled Train

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-ROYDUCH

The Robin Hood

The Robin Hood Titled Train

A6 Pack £3.75 TT4-RHOOD

The Red Dragon

The Red Dragon Train

A5 Pack £4.95 TT4-RDRAG

The Night Ferry

Night Ferry Train

A5 Pack £4.95 TT4-NFERRY

The Royal Scot

The Royal Scot Train

A5 Pack £4.95 TT4-RS

If you wish to purchase any of these packs then click the link to go to

train Headboards at the National Railway Museum

The Royal Wessex

The Royal Wessex Train

A5 Pack £4.95 TT4-R WESSEX


7mm Scale / O Gauge

This will take you to


2mm Scale / N Gauge

This will take you to


4mm Scale / OO Gauge


4mm Scale / OO Gauge


4mm Scale / OO Gauge


4mm Scale / OO Gauge

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