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Coach Destination Boards - All Periods


In addition to the Titled Train packs that we produce for the British Railways and Pre-War periods, Sankey Scenics offers an extensive range of coach destination boards to detail your coaching stock. Printed to a high resolution on quality materials, the packs come with instructions and are easy to apply.

1 Padd Bristol.jpg
Angled Boards Other.jpg
Motorail (81).JPG
Coach Dest 1.JPG
1 Padd Ex Ply.JPG

Destination Boards are available for various companies / periods and various coach designs 

n gauge boards under magnifier 3.jpg
coachboard packs.jpg
o gauge packs.jpg

IMPORTANT - If you wish to purchase items from Sankey Scenics then you will need to visit our website - Click on the link button here.


We produce a number of items for detailing rolling stock, including Titled Trains, coach destination boards, wagon/van posters & carriage prints. Click the links here and these will take you to the appropriate pages at our website

1 Hornby Magazine Supplement.jpg

Hornby Magazine Issue 99 September 2015

Hornby Mag Titled Trains Guide 1.jpg
Hornby Mag Titled Trains Guide 3.jpg

Hornby Magazine Issue 99  Free Titled Trains / Reporting numbers with instructions overview

Special Train Packs

We often get requests for bespoke coachboards and on occasions complete special train packs. The customer has specified the name, colours and details and left the rest to us. Here are a few examples of packs that we have put together. If you are interested in having your own unique Titled Train created then simply contact us via the Contacts Page

4 mm Scale Named Train Severn Valley Driver Experience Web.jpg
4 mm Scale Named Train South Hams Web.jpg
4 mm Scale Named Train British Pullman Sunshine Web.jpg
The South Devon.jpg
4 mm Scale Named Train Dorset Coast Web.jpg
4 mm Scale Named Train The South Devon web.jpg
4 mm Scale Named Train The Tatchester Arrow Web.jpg

'The South Devon' on Wencombe by Alan Davies.

Rhyd-y-Clafdy Headboard.jpg

'FAREWELL TO RHYD-Y-CLAFDY' A special railtour headboard to mark the retirement of Phil Greaves's popular layout


Sankey Scenics Model Railway Signs

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