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British Railways Titled Trains / Pre-war Titled Trains

Model railway The Royal Scot

Titled Train Packs from Sankey Scenics allow you to detail carriages and locomotives to represent famous named trains. Two main periods are covered, the 1950s & 60s Trains are to be found in the Titled Train series. Trains of the 1920s & 30s are to be found in the Pre-War Trains series.

These packs are ideal for detailing the many excellent carriages from manufacturers such as Hornby, Bachmann, Dapol and Farish. Produced in high resolution on quality photographic card, each pack includes a brief history of the titled service together with full instructions. The Titled Train Packs from Sankey Scenics offer excellent quality at a very affordable price.


In addition general coach destination boards are available as stock & bespoke items. Click the Board

4 mm Royal Scot Headboard and Coach boards
Royal Scot 2 adapt2.jpg
Royal Scot3 adjust.jpg
The Caleddonian Model Railway Train
Cal3 mark 2.jpg
4 mm Model Railway Caledonian Coach boards & headboard
4 mm Model Railway The Pines Express
4 mm Boat Trains Southampton.jpg
4 mm Scale Named Train YORKSHIRE PULLMAN
4 mm Atlantic Coast Express Model Railway Coachboards & Headboards

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Quick and easy to use, the packs allow you to recreate your own named train service with the appropriate choice of coachboards, corridor tail boards and locomotive headboard. The original artwork for these packs has been produced following extensive and detailed research. This has involved museum visits as well as the study of documents, plans and photographs. We have tried to include all variations used to allow the modeller to make an appropriate selection.

NRM 2010 2.jpg
Background Royal Scot 2.jpg
NRM 2010.jpg

To view the extensive range of Titled Trains Packs then click on the appropriate Headboard or symbol


4mm Scale / OO Gauge


4mm Scale / OO Gauge


4mm Scale / OO Gauge


4mm Scale / OO Gauge


4mm Scale / OO Gauge


4mm Scale / OO Gauge


2mm Scale / N Gauge


7mm Scale / O Gauge


All Scales


All Scales

Special Train Packs

We often get requests for bespoke coachboards and on occasions complete special train packs. The customer has specified the name, colours and details and left the rest to us. Here are a few examples of packs that we have put together. If you are interested in having your own unique Titled Train created then simply contact us via the Contacts Page

4 mm Scale Named Train Severn Valley Driver Experience Web.jpg
4 mm Scale Named Train South Hams Web.jpg
4 mm Scale Named Train British Pullman Sunshine Web.jpg
The South Devon.jpg
4 mm Scale Named Train Dorset Coast Web.jpg
4 mm Scale Named Train The South Devon web.jpg
4 mm Scale Named Train The Tatchester Arrow Web.jpg

'The South Devon' on Wencombe by Alan Davies.

Rhyd-y-Clafdy Headboard.jpg

'FAREWELL TO RHYD-Y-CLAFDY' A special railtour headboard to mark the retirement of Phil Greaves's popular layout

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