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OO Gauge 4mm Scale 1/76th  British Rail & Modern Scene 1967 to date  Page 2

Click on the pictures to view a larger image. The packs are printed in high definition and we only use quality materials. To see the full range available together with special offers then please visit our website at

Warehouse & Industrial Units.jpg
Warehouse (2).JPG

Warehouse & Industrial Units Detailing Pack

A4 Pack £3.75 WUS4

1 Car Wash Signs 4mm 4550.jpg

Car Wash Signage

CARW4  £2.99

H&S Signs 4mm.jpg

Health & Safety Signage Pack

A5 Pack  H&S4  £2.75

H&S Pic (1).JPG
H&S Pic (4).JPG
Shop and Business signs 4.1.jpg

Shop & Business Signs Pack 1

A5 Pack £3.25 S/BS4(1)

Shop and Business signs 4.2.jpg

Shop & Business Signs Pack 2

A5 Pack £3.25 S/BS4(2)

2 Stockton Mill Shops.jpg
2 Bristol North Shop.jpg

Examples of Shop signs and Displays in addition to other signage packs in use on two layouts. On the left is a selection of small shops on 'Stockton Mill'. On the right is a grocery shop that features on Kevin Murphy's 'Bristol North'.

                                                                                                                                  For larger view - click on image

Shop Signs.jpg

Shop Signs & Displays Pack 1

A4 Pack £3.95 SHOP4(1)

Shop Signs 2.jpg

Shop Signs & Displays  Pack 2

A4 Pack £3.95 SHOP4(2)

Billboard Terry Kempton 1.jpg

Terry Kempton built this hoarding for his Poppy Lane Layout. You can see the development of this delightful little layout on

Billboards 4mm 1960.jpg

Billboards 1960s Pack 1

A4 Pack £3.75 BILL60(1)

Billboards 4mm 1960 pack 2.jpg

Billboards 1960s Pack 2

A4 Pack £3.75 BILL60(2)


Billboards next to Woolston Quarry level Crossing on Warrington Model Railway Club's layout Woolston

Billboards 4mm 1970.jpg

Billboards 1970s Pack 1

A4 Pack £3.75 BILL70(1)

Billboards 4mm 1970 Pack 2.jpg

Billboards 1970s Pack 2

A4 Pack £3.75 BILL70(2)

Model Railway Billboards 4mm 1980.90 Pack.jpg

Billboards 1980/90s Pack 1

A4 Pack £3.75 BILL8090(1)

Model Railway Billboards 4mm 1980.90 Pack 2.jpg

Billboards 1980/90s Pack 2

A4 Pack £3.75 BILL8090(2)

4mm Cinema Signs 1960s.jpg

Cinema Detailing Pack 1960s

A4 Pack £3.95 CINE-604

OO gauge cinema detailing pack.jpg

Cinema Detailing Pack 1970s

A4 Pack £3.95 CINE-704

Z Film Poster 1960s.jpg

Film Poster Boards 1960s

A5 Pack £3.25 Film604

Z Film Poster 1970s.jpg

Film Poster Boards 1970s

A5 Pack £3.25 Film704

Pub Signs 4mm.jpg

Public House Signs

A5 Pack PUB4  £3.75

Newspapers and billboards 1960s.jpg

Newspapers & Billboards 1960s

NB4  £2.99

CLOCKS 4mm.jpg

Clock Faces

Clocks4  £3.49


If you wish to purchase any items featured on this page item then you will need to visit our new website. Click on the link button and this will take you to the appropriate page.

Model Railway Pub
Customised Pub Signs for Model Railways Black & Gold

As well as our stock packs we also offer customised pub signs. These packs allow the modeller to have the exact Public House and Brewery Company names that are required. They will give an authentic atmosphere to your models and layout. Very few pubs are similar and therefore packs include a wide range of signage in a variety of sizes to suit most locations whether you are converting a kit or scratch-building your pub - where you place the signs is up to you.

Pub Signs for Model Railways

The packs are available in five styles / colours and will allow you to convert card kits such as those in the Metcalfe and Superquick ranges as well as models made of other materials such as those produced in resin by Hornby and Bachmann. Packs also feature some signage that will allow you to specifically convert some Metcalfe card kit into pubs. Included are some backdrops, stained glass panels and a bar. There are even legible Licensee Plates for above doorways that are customised with the name that you want!

Model Railways Pub interior
Traffic Warning.jpg

Traffic Warning Signage

RTS/WS4  £3.49

Traffic Calming and Speed Cameras.jpg

Traffic Calming Signage

RTS/SC4  £3.49

Traffic Regulatory.jpg

Regulatory Signs

RTS/RS4  £3.49

British Rail modern Level Crossing.jpg

Level Crossing Signage

MLC4  £3.49

Traffic Road works.jpg

Road Traffic Works Signage

RTS/RTWS4  £3.49

Combination Road signs.jpg

Road Signs Combination Saver Packs are available at

Garage Signs 3mm.jpg

Garage Signage

Garage4  £2.99

Fly Posters 4mm.jpg

Fly Posters

FP4  £2.99

Fly Posters adhesive labels 4mm 2.jpg

Pack has two self adhesive sheets of posters

4mm For Sale Signs.jpg

For Sale Signs

A5 Pack  FSS4  £3.25

Girder Bridge on layout.jpg

These packs contain a selection of advertisements that were often found on the sides of railway bridges over busy roads. Some are still to be found in urban environments throughout the UK. Ideal for detailing PECO LK-10 Plate Girder Bridge sides and Wills Vari-Girder Panels (SS57) over roadways. The picture features a Swan Vesta Advertisement on a PECO Girder Bridge crossing a road on Rob Dwyer's atmospheric layout 'Batley' set in West Yorkshire

PECO Girder Bridge Pack.jpg

Girder Bridge Adverts for PECO Pack 1

A4 Pack £3.75  GIRDAP4 1

PECO Girder Bridge Pack 2.jpg

Girder Bridge Adverts for PECO Pack 2

A4 Pack £3.75 GIRDAP4 2

Girder bridge.jpg

The Packs are designed for use with PECO LK-10 Girders and Wills Vari Girders SS57

Wills Girder Bridge Pack.jpg

Girder Bridge Adverts for Wills Pack 1

A4 Pack £3.75 GIRDAW4 1

Wills Girder Bridge Pack 2.jpg

Girder Bridge Adverts for Wills Pack 2

A4 Pack £3.75 GIRDAW4 2

4mm Colliery Signage 47.67 NCB .jpg

Colliery Signs 1947 - 1960s

MINE4/47-67  £3.25

4mm Colliery Signage 47.67 NCB  Detail.jpg

Detail from the pack. The signs would have been in place for many years and have been weathered.

National Coal Board sign main entrance ORFORD
Model of year Colliery Signage.jpg

This pack will prove to be a useful addition to modellers wishing to add a little bit more authenticity and realism to coal mines their layouts. The signage is authentic with original artwork having been developed from photographs and documents. The pack includes some weathered signs that would have been around for decades as well as those that show nationalisation ownership.

National Coal Board 1947-67: Coal mines were nationalised by the Labour government in January 1947 and came into public ownership. The signage in this particular pack reflects the change in ownership and also has lots of signage that would be around for years before and after this time.

Coasl Mines Customised Web Picture.jpg
4mm Colliery Signage 67.87 NCB.jpg
Modern NCB sign Your Name.jpg
Modern NCB sign Vandalised and weathered.jpg

These Colliery Packs are also available as customised packs - see Bespoke Page for details

Colliery Signs 1967-87

MINE4/67-87   £3.25

1A Factories and Industrial 535.jpg

Factory & Industry Signage Pack 1

A4 Pack £3.95 FACT4(1)

Pack 2 Factories and Industrial.jpg

Factory & Industry Signage Pack 2

A4 Pack £3.95 FACT4(2)

Ghost Wall Advert Camp 2.jpg

The Brick wall Faded or 'Ghost' Advertising signs are primarily designed to be used with card kits such as those in the Metcalfe and Superquick ranges. However with care they can also be used on models made of other materials. Illustrated here is an excellent model constructed by Richard Williams from a Townstreet resin kit using one of these faded advertisement signs.


Brick Wall Advertisements Pack 1

A4 Pack £3.95 GHOST B1


Stone Wall Advertisements Pack 1

A4 Pack £3.95 GHOST S1


Brick Wall Advertisements Pack 2

A4 Pack £3.95 GHOST B2


Stone Wall Advertisements Pack 2

A4 Pack £3.95 GHOST S2

Guinness (3).JPG

For 1/76 Bus related items including Bus Adverts - click on the panel

Street Name Signs 4mm.jpg

Street Name Signs

SN4  £3.49

Manholes and drains.jpg

Manholes & Drains

MD4  £3.49

Village & Countryside.jpg

Village & Countryside Detailing Pack

A5 Pack £3.25  VILL4

Village & Countryside detail.jpg

A really useful pack for detailing villages and the rural environment. Includes signage for churches, schools, shops, road signs, farm signs in addition to a wide range of signs to be found in the countryside.

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