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OO Gauge 4mm Scale 1/76th  Faded Wall Advertisements / Ghost Signs

Click on the pictures to view a larger image. The packs are printed in high definition and we only use quality materials. To see the full range available together with special offers then please visit our website at

Perrins (6).JPG

Printed on quality paper, packs have signs in various stages of fading / decay. These are primarily designed to be used with card kits such as those in the Metcalfe and Superquick ranges. However, with care they can also be used on models made of other materials such as those produced in resin by Hornby and Bachmann.


Easy to use. Just cut out the sign, colour the cut edge and apply to the chosen location with adhesive after matching up the brick courses

Faded Wall Advertisements

“Ghost Signs” are the fading remains of hand-painted signs / adverts painted directly onto a wall. These were very common in urban environments and could often be viewed from railways. Some can still be seen today – just look carefully the next time you are in a town or city.


We have produced ghost signs for over ten years as part of our range and have often been asked if we can offer more and some customised items. So, we have put together a larger collection of packs.

Terrace Houses with ghost sign.jpg

Illustrated here is an excellent model constructed by Richard Williams from a Townstreet resin kit using one of these faded advertisement signs.


Brick Wall Advertisements Pack 1

A4 Pack £3.95 GHOST B1


Brick Wall Advertisements Pack 2

A4 Pack £3.95 GHOST B2


Stone Wall Advertisements Pack 1

A4 Pack £3.95 GHOST S1


Stone Wall Advertisements Pack 2

A4 Pack £3.95 GHOST S2

Guinness (7).JPG

The Ale Collection

Bass (4).JPG
Ghost Signs Ansell 4mm.jpg


Ghst ANS4   £2.50   A6 Pack

Ghost Signs Allsopps 4mm.jpg

Allsopp's Ales

Ghst Allsp4   £2.50   A6 Pack

Ghost Signs Bass 4mm.jpg


Ghst Bass4   £2.50   A6 Pack

Ghost signs Beverleys 4mm.jpg

Beverley's Beers

Ghst Bev4   £2.50   A6 Pack

Ghost signs Brains 4mm.jpg

Brain's Beers

Ghst BRNS4   £2.50   A6 Pack

Ghost signs Camerons 4mm.jpg


Ghst CAM4   £2.50   A6 Pack

Ghost Signs Greenalls 4mm.jpg

Greenall Whitley

Ghst Bass4   £2.50   A6 Pack

Ghost Signs Guiness 4mm.jpg


Ghst GuinnS4   £2.50   A6 Pack

Ghost signs Hammonds 4mm.jpg

Hammond's Ales

Ghst Hmd4   £2.50   A6 Pack

Ghost signs Ind Coopes 4mm.jpg

Ind. Coope's Ales

Ghst Ind4   £2.50   A6 Pack

Ghost Signs Mackesons 4mm.jpg


Ghst Mack4   £2.50   A6 Pack

Ghost signs McEwans 4mm.jpg

McEwan's Ales

Ghst McEw4   £2.50   A6 Pack

Ghost Signs Mitchells & Butlers 4mm.jpg

Mitchells & Butlers

Ghst M&B4   £2.50   A6 Pack

Ghost signs Tetley's 4mm.jpg

Tetley's Ales

Ghst TET4   £2.50   A6 Pack

M&B2 (3).JPG

A Greenall Whitley "Wilderspool Ales & Stouts" Sign attached to the side of one of Hornby's resin buildings

Ghost signs Ushers 4mm.jpg

Usher's Ales

Ghst USH4   £2.50   A6 Pack

Ghost signs Vaux 4mm.jpg

Vaux's Brewery

Ghst Vaux4   £2.50   A6 Pack

Ghost signs Walkers 4mm.jpg

Walker's Warrington Ales

Ghst WALK4   £2.50   A6 Pack

Guinness (3).JPG
Ind Coopes (2).JPG
Brains (4).JPG
Ghost Signs Watneys 4mm.jpg

Watney's Ales

Ghst Wat4   £2.50   A6 Pack

Ghost Signs Whitbread 4mm.jpg

Whitbread's Ales

Ghst Whit4   £2.50   A6 Pack

Ghost signs Worthingtons 4mm.jpg


Ghst Worth4   £2.50   A6 Pack

Ghost signs Youngers 4mm.jpg

Younger's Ales

Ghst Young4   £2.50   A6 Pack

Customised Faded Wall Signs

Soap (7).JPG
Chemist (2).JPG

Approximate sizes of signs:  Four signs in pack - 42 X 38mm   Three signs in pack - 52 X 37mm

If you wish to find out more about these Ghost Signs

or place an order then visit

Ghost signs Matches 4mm.jpg

Match Manufacturer

Ghst Match4   £4.50   A6 Pack

Ghost Signs Chemist 4mm.jpg

Chemist Shop

Ghst Chem4   £4.50   A6 Pack

Ghost signs BIKE 4mm.jpg

Bicycle Manufacturer

Ghst Bike4   £4.50   A6 Pack

Ghost Signs Newspaper 4mm.jpg

Local Newspaper

Ghst NewsP4   £4.50   A6 Pack

Ghost signs SAUCE 4mm.jpg

Sauce Manufacturer

Ghst SAUCE4   £4.50   A6 Pack

Ghost Signs Co-op 4mm.jpg

Local Co-operative Society

Ghst Co-op4   £4.50   A6 Pack

Ghost Signs Builders Merchants 4mm.jpg

Builders Merchant

Ghst Build4   £4.50   A6 Pack

Ghost signs TEA 4mm.jpg

Tea Manufacturer

Ghst TEA4   £4.50   A6 Pack

Soap (7).JPG
Ghost Signs Tailors 4mm.jpg

Tailors / Haberdashery

Ghst Tail4   £4.50   A6 Pack

Ghost signs Ginger Beer 4mm.jpg

Beverage Manufacturer

Ghst Bev4   £4.50   A6 Pack

Ghost Signs Grocery 4mm.jpg

Grocery & Provisions Shop

Ghst Grouc4   £4.50   A6 Pack

Ghost Signs Butcher 4mm.jpg


Ghst Butch4   £4.50   A6 Pack

Ghost Signs Garage 4mm.jpg

Local Garage

Ghst Gar4   £4.50   A6 Pack

Ghost signs SOAP 4mm.jpg

Soap Manufacturer

Ghst SOAP4   £4.50   A6 Pack

Chemist (3).JPG
Z 4 mm Scale Ghost Engineering Works.jpg

Engineering Works

A6 Pack £5.25  Ghst Bespoke Eng4

Brick Engineering WorksC.jpg

These hand painted signs were very common on industrial buildings in urban areas and could often be viewed from railways. Easy to use. Just cut out the sign, colour the cut edge and apply to the chosen location with adhesive after matching up the brick courses.

A6 Pack. Approximate size of signs Left  54 X 28mm,

Right 42 X 52mm, Long signs both 126 X16mm. 

Printed in high definition on 150g/m2 quality paper.

Brick Engineering WorksD.jpg
Z 4 mm Scale Ghost Printing Works.jpg

Printing Works

A6 Pack £5.25  Ghst Bespoke PRINT4

Z 4 mm Scale Ghost Textile Mill.jpg

Textile Mill

A6 Pack £5.25  Ghst Bespoke Textile4

Z 4 mm Scale Ghost Warehouse.jpg

Bonded Warehouse

A6 Pack £5.25  Ghst Bespoke Bond4

Batley B2.jpg

Rob Dwyer's layout of Batley in West Yorkshire. Rob made extensive use of these type of signs for the many mills and industrial building on the layout.

If you are interested in having bespoke ghost signs produced to your own specifications then please contact us.

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