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O Gauge 7mm Scale 1/43rd  Grouping Railways 1923 - 1947

Click on the pictures to view a larger image. The packs are printed in high definition and we only use quality materials. To see the full range available together with special offers then please visit our website at

Station Signs A5 O gauge Plain.jpg

Customised Station Nameboards

Plain Style

StatNameP7  £6.75

Station Signs A5 O gauge Ornate.jpg

Customised Station Nameboards

Ornate Style

StatNameO7  £6.75

These Customised Station Nameboards represent signs from the pre-grouping & grouping periods, however many were still to be found in the British Railways period in the early 1950s. These are printed to a high definition on quality photographic card. Sets include scale 15 and 12 feet boards as well as Goods Depot and Signal Box and associated signage. The pack comes with the station name of your choice and includes approximately 30 signs which should prove adequate for most small and medium sized stations. Click the link to find out more.

Early Station Signs 7mm.jpg

Early Station Signs

A5 Pack £3.95  EPS7

Clocks 7mm.jpg

Clock Faces

A5 Pack £3.75  CLOCKS7

MPD Signs 7mm.jpg

Early MPD & Goods Signage

A5 Pack £3.95  PN MPD7

MPD Signs 7mm DETAIL.jpg

A wide selection of pre-nationalisation signage for MPDs and Goods Yards. Many of these signs could still be seen well into the British Railways period. The set includes some unusual signage together with roster boards to add that extra level of detail

Model Railway Assorted Trackside Signs 7mm O Gauge.jpg

Assorted Trackside Signs

A5 Pack £3.75  TRACKS7

Bridge Plates 7mm.jpg

Bridge Plates & Signage

A5 Pack £3.75  Bridge7

1 Southern Railway Station Signs 7mm REVISED 2650.jpg

Southern Railway Station Signs

A5 Pack £4.95  STHRY PS7

Customised Southern Railway Targets and Signs 7mm.jpg

Available as a bespoke pack are Southern Railway 'target',  running-in boards and signage for a signal box. These are made to the name of your choice.

Customised Southern Railway Combination 7mm.jpg

Combination Saver - Buy the bespoke pack together with the Southern Railway Station Signs pack and save over 10%

Buy the two packs together for only £12.00 (normal price £13.45). Simply follow the link to and use the Add to Cart Button and then complete the Name Required section with the name that you want for your station (max 30 characters) and then click the Add to Cart button.Please note the cost is for only one name per pack.

Customised LMS Hawkseye Signage

To order a pack: Simply visit and use the Add to Cart Button and then complete the Name Required section with the name that you want for your station (max 25 characters) and then the colour of boards required (Yellow or Maroon). When you have completed these details then click the Add to Cart button.

7mm LMS Hawkseye COOPER BRIDGE.jpg

LMS Hawkseye Station Pack

A6 Pack £4.75 HAWKS Bespoke7

Customised LMS Hawkseyes 7mm.jpg

Introduced in 1938 these LMS standard ‘Hawkseye’ signs were provided at stations that were being renovated or modernised. Manufactured by Hawkes of Birmingham, the name panels were introduced following extensive research by the LMS into the visibility of signs at a distance. These yellow name panel with black lettering carried almost a million minute glass beads. The Hawkseye was mounted on a light grey panel and this was set into a sturdy wooden frame that was creosoted.

7mm lineside signs GWR.jpg

GWR Lineside Signs

LLS GWR7  £2.99

7mm lineside signs LNER.jpg

LNER Lineside Signs

LSS LNER7  £2.99

7mm lineside signs LMS.jpg

LMS Lineside Signs

LSS LMS7  £2.99

7mm lineside signs SR.jpg

SR Lineside Signs

LSS SR7  £2.99

7mm Railway Boards GWR.jpg

GWR Station Boards



LNER Station Boards


7mm Railway Boards LMSR.jpg

LMS Station Boards



SR Station Boards

RBOARDSR7  £2.99

7 mm Railway Posters GWR.jpg

Great Western Railway Posters

A5 Pack £3.25 RPostGWR7

7 mm Railway Posters LMS.jpg

London Midland & Scottish Railway Posters

A5 Pack £3.25 RPostLMS7

7 mm Railway Posters LNER.jpg

London & North Eastern Railway Posters

A5 Pack £3.25 RPostLNER7

7 mm Railway Posters SR.jpg

Southern Railway Posters

A5 Pack £3.25 RPostSR7

Enamel Signs 7mm Pack 1.jpg

Rusted Enamel Signs  Pack 1

A5 Pack £3.75  RES7(1)

Enamel Signs 7mm Pack 2.jpg

Rusted Enamel Signs  Pack 2

A5 Pack £3.75  RES7(2)

Enamel Signs 7mm Pack 1.jpg
Enamel Signs 7mm Pack 2.jpg

Combination Saver - Buy two packs together and save over 5%.

Visit to see more.

Street Name Signs 7mm.jpg

Street Name Signs

SN7  £3.49

Platform Hoardings 7 30s 1.jpg

Platform Hoarding Posters 1930s  Pack1

A5 Pack £3.25  PlatHd30.7(1)

Platform Hoardings 7 30s 2.jpg

Platform Hoarding Posters 1930s  Pack 2

A5 Pack £3.25  PlatHd30.7(2)

Platform Hoardings 7 40s War.jpg

Platform Hoarding Posters 1940s Wartime

A5 Pack £3.25  PlatHd40W.7

Platform Hoardings 7 40s.jpg

Platform Hoarding Posters 1940s Post War

A5 Pack £3.25  PlatHd40.7

OLD Road signs 7mm.jpg

Old Road Signs 1940s - 60s

A5 Pack £3.75  RST/40607

Manholes and Drains 7mm.jpg

Manholes & Drains

A5 Pack £3.25  MD7

Garage Signs 7mm.jpg

Garage Signs

A5 Pack £3.75  Garage7

Pub Signs 7mm.jpg

Public House Signage

A4 Pack £4.25  PUB7

Take a look in the other 7mm sections for other items that might be of use. Rolling Stock section includes Railway Van Posters and Carriage Prints

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