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O Gauge 7mm Scale 1/43rd  British Railways 1948 - 1966  Page 2

Click on the pictures to view a larger image. The packs are printed in high definition and we only use quality materials. To see the full range available together with special offers then please visit our website at

MPD Signs 7mm.jpg

Early MPD & Goods Signage

A5 Pack £3.95  PN MPD7

MPD Signs 7mm DETAIL.jpg

A wide selection of pre-nationalisation signage for MPDs and Goods Yards. Many of these signs could still be seen well into the British Railways period. The set includes some unusual signage together with roster boards to add that extra level of detail

Platform Hoardings 7 50s Pack 1.jpg

Platform Hoarding Posters 1950s  Pack1

A5 Pack £3.25  PlatHd50.7(1)

Platform Hoardings 7 50s Pack 2.jpg

Platform Hoarding Posters 1950s  Pack 2

A5 Pack £3.25  PlatHd50.7(2)

Platform Hoardings 7 60s Pack 1.jpg

Platform Hoarding Posters 1960s  Pack1

A5 Pack £3.25  PlatHd60.7(1)

Platform Hoardings 7 60s Pack 2.jpg

Platform Hoarding Posters 1960s Pack 2

A5 Pack £3.25  PlatHd60.7(2)

7mm lineside signs GWR.jpg

GWR Lineside Signs

LLS GWR7  £2.99

7mm lineside signs LNER.jpg

LNER Lineside Signs

LSS LNER7  £2.99

7mm lineside signs LMS.jpg

LMS Lineside Signs

LSS LMS7  £2.99

7mm lineside signs SR.jpg

SR Lineside Signs

LSS SR7  £2.99

Model Railway Assorted Trackside Signs 7mm O Gauge.jpg

Assorted Trackside Signs

A5 Pack £3.75  TRACKS7

Bridge Plates 7mm.jpg

Bridge Plates & Signage

A5 Pack £3.75  Bridge7

Enamel Signs 7mm Pack 1.jpg

Rusted Enamel Signs  Pack 1

A5 Pack £3.75  RES7(1)

Enamel Signs 7mm Pack 2.jpg

Rusted Enamel Signs  Pack 2

A5 Pack £3.75  RES7(2)

Enamel Signs 7mm Pack 1.jpg
Enamel Signs 7mm Pack 2.jpg

Combination Saver - Buy two packs together and save over 5%.

Visit to see more.

Street Name Signs 7mm.jpg

Street Name Signs

SN7  £3.49

OLD Road signs 7mm.jpg

Old Road Signs 1940s - 60s

A5 Pack £3.75  RST/40607

Manholes and Drains 7mm.jpg

Manholes & Drains

A5 Pack £3.25  MD7

Garage Signs 7mm.jpg

Garage Signs

A5 Pack £3.75  Garage7

Pub Signs 7mm.jpg

Public House Signage

A4 Pack £4.25  PUB7

7mm Colliery Signage 47.67 NCB .jpg

Colliery Signs 1947 - 1960s

MINE7/47-67   £4.95

National Coal Board sign main entrance ORFORD
Model of year Colliery Signage.jpg

This pack will prove to be a useful addition to modellers wishing to add a little bit more authenticity and realism to coal mines their layouts. The signage is authentic with original artwork having been developed from photographs and documents. The pack includes some weathered signs that would have been around for decades as well as those that show nationalisation ownership.

National Coal Board 1947-67: Coal mines were nationalised by the Labour government in January 1947 and came into public ownership. The signage in this particular pack reflects the change in ownership and also has lots of signage that would be around for years before and after this time.

National Coal Board Managed Sign.jpg

These Colliery Packs are also available as customised packs - see Bespoke Page for details

National Coal Board sign Winding House.jpg
National Coal Board Tresspass - Copy.jpg
Coasl Mines Customised Web Picture.jpg

Take a look in the other 7mm sections for other items that might be of use. Rolling Stock section includes Railway Van Posters and Carriage Prints

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