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N Gauge 2mm Scale 1/148th  Rolling Stock Accessories

Click on the pictures to view a larger image. The packs are printed in high definition and we only use quality materials. To see the full range available together with special offers then please visit our website at

2mm scale Wagon Posters Pack 1.jpg

Wagon / Van Posters Set 1

WP2(1)  £2.99

2mm scale Wagon Posters Pack 2.jpg

Wagon / Van Posters Set 2

WP2(2)  £2.99

Now available in 2mm scale / N gauge, these prototypical railway van labels add variety to your rolling stock.


It is easy to give them the weathered and distressed look just like the prototypes

2mm scale Wagon Posters multiples.jpg

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These posters were often applied to the sides of vans particularly in the 1950s & 60s. Period photographs show them on goods stock. These were often applied to block trains for ease of identification. These self adhesive labels will provide your freight stock with additional detail and authenticity.

N reporting numbers (44).JPG

Train reporting numbers were used to identify trains in the internal working timetable. These codes contained one letter & 2 numbers or 3 numbers to uniquely identify a particular train, or to denote its route (particularly on busier lines). The reporting numbers were displayed on the front of locos in a steel bracket along with the lamp headcodes. On Western Region it was used to identify usual as well as special trains (e.g. summer Saturday excursions), to allow signallers to identify and route them correctly.

N reporting numbers (4).JPG
Codes for web.jpg
N Gauge West Reg Reporing Numbers.jpg

Train Reporting Numbers - Western Region

A6 Pack  TRN WR2  £3.95

The Western Region of British Railways used these steel panels for train identification until the end of steam. Self adhesive labels with polystyrene sheet supplied allow you to make your own unique codes. The pack also comes with 72 ready to use codes. As well as instructions, the pack has a detailed explanation of how codes were used.

We produce a number of items for detailing rolling stock, including Titled Trains, coach destination boards, wagon/van posters & carriage prints. Click the links here and these will take you to the appropriate pages on at


In addition to the Titled Train packs that we produce for the British Railways and Pre-War periods, Sankey Scenics offers an extensive range of coach destination boards to detail your coaching stock. Printed to a high resolution on quality materials, the packs come with instructions and are easy to apply.

1 Padd Bristol.jpg
Angled Boards Other.jpg
Motorail (81).JPG
Coach Dest 1.JPG
1 Padd Ex Ply.JPG

Destination Boards are available for various companies / periods and various coach designs 


Hornby Magazine Issue 99  Titled Trains / Reporting numbers with instructions overview

Hornby Mag Titled Trains Guide 1.jpg
1 Hornby Magazine Supplement.jpg
Hornby Mag Titled Trains Guide 3.jpg
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