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N Gauge 2mm Scale 1/148th  British Rail & Modern Scene 1967 to date

Click on the pictures to view a larger image. The packs are printed in high definition and we only use quality materials. To see the full range available together with special offers then please visit our website at

British Rail modern 2mm Pack 1.jpg

British Rail Station Signs

BRM2 (1) £3.49

British Rail modern 2mm Pack 2.jpg

British Rail Signs Pack 2

BRM2(2)  £3.49

N British Rail modern 2mm Posters British Rail 70s 80s.jpg

BR Information Boards

BRM2 PB  £2.75

Modern rail side signs  2mm (2).jpg

Modern Lineside Signs

MLSS2  £2.99

N British Rail Post Boards.JPG

Pack includes many poster and timetable boards for detailing stations set in the British Rail period

Platform Hoardings 2 70s R.jpg

Platform Adverts 1970s

PlatHd702  £2.75

Platform Hoardings 2 80s R.jpg

Platform Adverts 1980s

PlatHd802  £2.75

2mm Contemporary Trackside Signs.jpg

Contemporary Trackside Signs

Cont track2  £2.99

2mm Contemporary Trackside Signs Detail.jpg
stop look Listen.jpg

This pack covers a wide range of contemporary / recent trackside signs. Included is signage / light panels associated with pedestrian crossings, gradient signs, information signs, trespass notices, electrification warnings and low adhesion signs just to mention a few. Also included are some Welsh bi-lingual signs.

N Gauge British Rail Corporate EXAMPLE.jpg

2mm A5 Customised British Rail Station

£9.25 A5 British Rail Corporate

N Gauge Network SouthEast Padston Wood.jpg

2mm A5 Customised Nework SouthEast Station


N Corporate magnified.jpg

Sankey Scenics can offer customised Station Packs for British Rail & Network SouthEast. These come with a selection of Name boards, poster and timetable boards, as well as general station & health and safety signage. These A5 packs provide outstanding value at just £9.25. These packs are usually despatched within a couple of days of ordering and are personal to your model railway station. Take a look by clicking this link

These packs are usually despatched within a day of ordering and are personal to your model railway station. Take a look by clicking this link.

N Gauge British Rail Corporate Scarlington Detail 2.jpg
Depot (20).JPG
Depot (24).JPG
N Motorail.JPG
N Gauge British Rail Motorail A5 Pack.jpg

Motorail Terminal Detailing Pack

A5 Pack £3.75 motorail2

BR TMD signs  2mm.jpg

British Rail TMD Signage

TMDBR2 £2.99

Railfreight TMD signs  2mm.jpg

BR Railfreight Distribution TMD

TMDRF2  £2.99

EWS TMD signs  2mm.jpg


TMD EWS  £2.99

EWS TMD signs  2mm DETAIL.jpg

Detail from the EWS pack

Freightliner TMD signs  2mm.jpg

Freightliner TMD

TMDF2 £2.99

DB TMD signs  2mm.jpg

DB Schenker TMD

TMDDB2  £2.99

Network Rail TMD signs  2mm.jpg

Network Rail TMD

TMDNR2  £2.99


To see the full range of N  gauge products then visit by clicking the link

Customised TMDs available

N Gauge Depot Pack (5).JPG
N Gauge Depot Pack (15).JPG
N Gauge Depot Pack (31).JPG

Sankey Scenics is able to offer a range of customised Depot Packs for British Rail, Sectorisation & post privatisation companies. These A6 sheets and include named large, medium and small sized signage, a wide range of appropriate lineside signs, health & safety signs, notice boards, CCTV signs and many other details

Railway Modeller Review RETB.jpg
N RETB Signs  2mm.jpg

RETB Signage

RETB2 £3.25

2mm Warehouse & Industrial Units.jpg
Warehouse (2).JPG

Warehouse & Industrial Units Detailing Pack

A5 Pack £3.25 WUS2

Street Name Signs 2mm.jpg

Street Name Signs

SN2  £3.49

Manholes and drains N.jpg

Manholes & Drains

MD2  £3.49

Pub Signs 2mm New Printer 445.jpg

Public House Signs

PUB2  £3.49

Pub Signs 2mm Detail.jpg

Some detail from the 2mm /

N Gauge Pub Signs Pack

N Traffic Warning and Regulatory 2mm.jpg

Traffic Warning Signage

RTS/WS2  £3.49

N Traffic Calming and Speed Cameras 2 mm.jpg

Traffic Calming Signage

RTS/SC2  £3.49

N Traffic Road works 2mm.jpg

Road Traffic Works Signs

RTS/RTWS  £3.49

British Rail modern Level Crossing.jpg

Level Crossing Signage

MLC2  £3.49

2mm Factories and Industrial Pack A 1.jpg

Factory & Industry Signage Pack 1

A5 Pack £3.25 FACT2(1)

2mm Factories and Industrial Pack A 2.jpg

Factory & Industry Signage Pack 2

A5 Pack £3.25 FACT2(2)

Girder bridge.jpg

The Packs are designed for use with N gauge PECO Plate Girder Sides NB-39

2mm Girder Bridge Adverts PECO.jpg

Girder Bridge Adverts for PECO Girders

A5 Pack £3.25 GIRDAP2

Shop and Business signs 2mm.jpg

Shop & Business Signs

A5 Pack £3.25  S&BS2

Walton (7).JPG
N Gauge shop signs.jpg

Shop Signs & Displays Pack 1

A5 Pack £3.50 SHOP2(1)

N Gauge shop signs 2.jpg

Shop Signs & Displays  Pack 2

A5 Pack £3.50 SHOP2(2)

N Gauge Billboards 70 1.jpg

Billboards 1970s Pack 1

A5 Pack £2.99 BILL702(1)

N Gauge Billboards 70 2.jpg

Billboards 1970s Pack 2

A5 Pack £2.99 BILL02(2)

N Gauge Model Railway Billboards 80.90 Pack 1.jpg

Billboards 1980/90s Pack 1

A5 Pack £2.99 BILL8090N(1)

N Gauge Model Railway Billboards 80.90 Pack 2.jpg

Billboards 1980/90s Pack 2

A5 Pack £2.99 BILL8090N(2)

2mm Colliery Signs  NCB 47.67.jpg

Colliery Signs 1947 - 1960s

MINE2/47-67   £3.25

2mm Colliery Signs  NCB 47.67 Detail.jpg

Detail from the pack. The signs would have been in place for many years and have been weathered.

National Coal Board sign main entrance ORFORD
Model of year Colliery Signage.jpg

This pack will prove to be a useful addition to modellers wishing to add a little bit more authenticity and realism to coal mines their layouts. The signage is authentic with original artwork having been developed from photographs and documents. The pack includes some weathered signs that would have been around for decades as well as those that show nationalisation ownership.

National Coal Board 1947-67: Coal mines were nationalised by the Labour government in January 1947 and came into public ownership. The signage in this particular pack reflects the change in ownership and also has lots of signage that would be around for years before and after this time.

Coasl Mines Customised Web Picture.jpg
2mm Colliery Signs 67.87  NCB.jpg
Modern NCB sign Your Name.jpg
Modern NCB sign Vandalised and weathered.jpg

These Colliery Packs are also available as customised packs - see Bespoke Page for details

Colliery Signs 1967-87

MINE2/67-87   £3.25

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