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N Gauge 2mm Scale 1/148th  British Railways 1948 - 1966

Click on the pictures to view a larger image. The packs are printed in high definition and we only use quality materials. To see the full range available together with special offers then please visit our website at

2mm LM poster boards and signs REVISED.jpg

BR Platform Signs

London Midland Region

A6 Pack £2.99 BRPLSLM2

2mm LMR Loco and Goods.jpg

BR Loco & Goods Depot

London Midland Region

A6 Pack BRGLD LM2  £2.99

2mm ER poster boards and signs REVISED.jpg

BR Platform Signs

Eastern Region

A6 Pack £2.99 BRPLSER2

2mm ER Loco and Goods.jpg

BR Loco & Goods Depot

Eastern Region

A6 Pack BRGLD ER2  £2.99

2mm SR poster boards and signs REVISED.jpg

BR Platform Signs

Southern Region

A6 Pack £2.99 BRPLSSR2

2mm SR Loco and Goods.jpg

BR Loco & Goods Depot

Southern Region

A6 Pack BRGLD SR2  £2.99

2mm WR poster boards and signs REVISED NEW.jpg

BR Platform Signs

Western Region

A6 Pack £2.99 BRPLSWR2

2mm WR Loco and Goods.jpg

BR Loco & Goods Depot

Western Region

A6 Pack BRGLD WR2  £2.99

2mm NER poster boards and signs REVISED.jpg

BR Platform Signs

North Eastern Region

A6 Pack £2.99 BRPLSNER2

2mm NER Loco and Goods.jpg

BR Loco & Goods Depot

North Eastern Region

A6 Pack BRGLD NER2  £2.99

2mm ScotR poster boards and signs REVISED.jpg

BR Platform Signs

Scottish Region

A6 Pack £2.99 BRPLSScot2

2mm SCOTR Loco and Goods.jpg

BR Loco & Goods Depot

Scottish Region

A6 Pack BRGLD Scot2  £2.99

2mm BR poster boards.jpg

BR Notice & Poster Boards

A6 Pack £2.99 BPT BR2

2mm BR poster boards DETAIL.jpg

A large selection of notice and poster boards for stations set in the British Railways period. The pack includes British Railway publicity posters, holiday posters and timetables.

Combination Saver 2SR.jpg

Combination Saving Packs available at

Customised Station Packs for British Railways

1 N Gauge Bespoke BR Southern.jpg
Your Station.jpg

Sankey Scenics can offer customised British Railways Station Packs with different sized name running-in boards, totems, signal box names as well as general station and goods yard signage. These A5 packs provide outstanding value at just £9.95. These packs are usually despatched within a day of ordering and are personal to your model railway station. Take a look by clicking this link:

Customised British Railways Motive Power Depot Packs

Chivers Lane Sign.jpg

These packs provide a wealth of signage for detailing a motive power depot of the 1950s / 60s period.


The packs are customised with the name that you require for your depot. All you need to do is send us the name and pay only £4.95 for the pack

2mm N SR Motive Power Depot.jpg
1 A6 2mm N NER Motive Power Depot.jpg
MPD 2MM (13).JPG
Early Station Signs 2mm NEW.jpg

Early Station Signs

EPS2  £3.49

PreNationalisation MPD Signs 2mm.jpg

Early MPD & Goods Signs

PN MPD2  £2.99

PreNationalisation MPD Signs 2mm Detail.jpg

Detail from the MPD pack, lots of signage is included

Model Railway Assorted Trackside Signs 2mm N Gauge.jpg

Assorted Trackside Signs

Tracks2  £2.99

Garage Signs 2mm PRINTER 445.jpg

Garage Signs

Garage2  £2.99

CLOCKS 2mm.jpg

Clock Faces

CLOCKS2  £3.49

Early Station Signs 2mm Detail.jpg

Old photographs of railway stations show a profusion of this type of platform signage. Many lasted until the 1940s/1950s. Early Station Signage based on examples such as those at the Midland Railway Centre in Derbyshire.

Click the link to see all N Gauge Products

2mm Enamel signs combination.jpg

Combination Saver - Buy all three packs together for £5.90 and save over 15%. Visit

Enamel Signs 2mm Pack 1.jpg

Enamel Signs Pack 1

RES2(1)  £3.49

Enamel Signs 2mm Pack 2.jpg

Enamel Signs Pack 2

RSE2(2)  £3.49

2mm Factories and Industrial Pack A 1.jpg

Factory & Industry Signage Pack 1

A5 Pack £3.25 FACT2(1)

2mm Factories and Industrial Pack A 2.jpg

Factory & Industry Signage Pack 2

A5 Pack £3.25 FACT2(2)

OLD Road signs 2mm.jpg

Old Road Signs 1940s-60s

RTS40602  £3.49

2mm DETAIL OLD Road signs.jpg

Old Road Signs RTS40602 - Detail of some of the signs in this pack that have been produced from original artwork. There are over one hundred signs to suit most situations.

2mm Girder Bridge Adverts PECO.jpg

Girder Bridge Adverts for PECO Girders

A5 Pack £3.25 GIRDAP2

Ghost Wall Advert Camp 2.jpg

The Brick wall Faded or 'Ghost' Advertising signs are primarily designed to be used with card kits such as those in the Metcalfe and Superquick ranges. However with care they can also be used on models made of other materials. Illustrated here is an excellent model constructed by Richard Williams from a Townstreet resin kit using one of these faded advertisement signs.


Brick Wall Advertisements Pack 1

A5 Pack £3.50 GHOST B2(1)


Stone Wall Advertisements Pack 1

A5 Pack £3.50 GHOST S2(1)

GHOST WALLS BRICK 2mm pack2.jpg

Brick Wall Advertisements Pack 2

A5 Pack £3.50 GHOST B2(2)

GHOST WALLS STONE 2mm pack2.jpg

Stone Wall Advertisements Pack 2

A5 Pack £3.50 GHOST S2(2)

Shop and Business signs 2mm.jpg

Shop & Business Signs

A5 Pack £3.25  S&BS2

2 Stockton Mill Shops.jpg
2 Bristol North Shop.jpg

Examples of Shop signs and Displays in addition to other signage packs in use on two layouts. On the left is a selection of small shops on 'Stockton Mill'. On the right is a grocery shop that features on Kevin Murphy's 'Bristol North'.

                                                                                                                                  For larger view - click on image

N Gauge shop signs.jpg

Shop Signs & Displays Pack 1

A5 Pack £3.50 SHOP2(1)

N Gauge shop signs 2.jpg

Shop Signs & Displays  Pack 2

A5 Pack £3.50 SHOP2(2)

Billboard Terry Kempton 1.jpg

Terry Kempton built this hoarding for his Poppy Lane Layout. You can see the development of this delightful little layout on

N Gauge Billboards 40 Post War.jpg

Billboards 1940s Post War

A5 Pack £2.99 BILL402

N Gauge Billboards 50 1.jpg

Billboards 1950s Pack 1

A5 Pack £2.99 BILL502(1)

N Gauge Billboards 50 2.jpg

Billboards 1950s Pack 2

A5 Pack £2.99 BILL502(2)

N Gauge Billboards 60 1.jpg

Billboards 1960s Pack 1

A5 Pack £2.99 BILL602(1)

N Gauge Billboards 60 2.jpg

Billboards 1960s Pack 2

A5 Pack £2.99 BILL602(2)

Street Name Signs 2mm.jpg

Street Name Signs

SN2  £3.49

Manholes and drains N.jpg

Manholes & Drains

MD2  £3.49

Pub Signs 2mm New Printer 445.jpg

Public House Signs

PUB2  £3.49

Pub Signs 2mm Detail.jpg

Some detail from the 2mm /

N Gauge Pub Signs Pack

2mm Dairy Packs.jpg

Dairies and creameries have always been a popular subject for railway modellers as they allow the use of interesting rolling stock, notably slat sided milk churn vans and six wheeled milk tank wagons; as well as establishing a rail served lineside industry.

Web button Customised Dairy & Creamery.jpg

These customised packs are only £5.95. Click on the box to see more.

These customised packs are designed to give you a wide range of signage that might be found around a dairy or creamery. As well as the named signs, the packs include a wealth of general directional and instructional signs to help bring your model to life. The packs include signage suitable for the inter-war years through to the late 1960s. Click the link to see more.

Railway Company Warehouse Brick Wall Signage


Printed on quality paper, these A4 packs contain a selection of faded (‘Ghost’) signs for the four grouping railway companies.These signs painted on walls were often to be found on the side of large goods warehouses and depots. These remained for a long time and could be clearly seen during the British Railways period. Some are still to be found in urban environments throughout the UK. To help you determine scale of these signs: The size of the largest panel on the GWR sheet "Great Western Railway Goods Station and Offices" (top left) measures 50mm across by nearly 34mm deep. Ideal for detailing card building kits and scratch building projects.

2mm N GWR Buildings Ghost Signs.jpg

Brick Wall Signs Great Western Railway

A5 Pack £3.25 BWALL GWR2

2mm N LMS Buildings Ghost Signs.jpg

Brick Wall Signs London Midland & Scottish Railway

A5 Pack £3.25 BWALL LMS2

2mm N LNER Buildings Ghost Signs.jpg

Brick Wall Signs London & North Eastern Railway

A5 Pack £3.25 BWALL LNER2

2mm N SR Buildings Ghost Signs.jpg

Brick Wall Signs Southern Railway

A5 Pack £3.25 BWALL SR2

Cinema signs 1950s 2mm.jpg

Cinema Detailing Pack 1950s

A5 Pack £3.25 CINE-502

Cinema signs 1960s 2mm.jpg

Cinema Detailing Pack 1960s

A5 Pack £3.25 CINE-602

N Gauge Bus Station Red.jpg

Bus Station & Garage - Red Colour Scheme

A5 Pack £3.25  BUS2R

N Gauge Bus Station Green.jpg

Bus Station & Garage - Green Colour Scheme

A5 Pack £3.25  BUS2G

A wide selection of signage and accessories to detail a period bus station and garage. As well as some generic names, the pack includes bus stop signs, timetable boards, advertising material and safety signage.

2mm Colliery Signs  NCB 47.67.jpg

Colliery Signs 1947 - 1960s

MINE2/47-67   £3.25

2mm Colliery Signs  NCB 47.67 Detail.jpg

Detail from the pack. The signs would have been in place for many years and have been weathered.

National Coal Board sign main entrance ORFORD
Model of year Colliery Signage.jpg

This pack will prove to be a useful addition to modellers wishing to add a little bit more authenticity and realism to coal mines their layouts. The signage is authentic with original artwork having been developed from photographs and documents. The pack includes some weathered signs that would have been around for decades as well as those that show nationalisation ownership.

National Coal Board 1947-67: Coal mines were nationalised by the Labour government in January 1947 and came into public ownership. The signage in this particular pack reflects the change in ownership and also has lots of signage that would be around for years before and after this time.

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