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N Gauge 2mm Scale 1/148th  Urban Backscenes

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Click on the pictures to view a larger image. The sheets are printed in high definition and we only use quality materials. To see the full range available together with special offers then please visit our website at

Terrace House Backscenes (8).JPG

Urban backscenes have been relatively neglected for model railway layouts. These backscene sections produced by Sankey Scenics provide a useful and relatively inexpensive way of creating an urban backdrop for your model railway. The ‘Urban Scenes’ backscene elements have been digitally drawn and have been designed to give some flexibility to the modeller so that unique backdrops can been created.

Simply cut out & glue to your backscene to create a completely unique scene. These can be used in conjunction with existing backscenes and can provide very useful infills between low relief buildings and other areas. Printed to a high resolution on quality matt coated papers, these flat one-dimensional pieces of artwork can give the sense of a three-dimensional scene.

Terrace Backs

1 X A4 Sheet £4.95

BScene2 TB

Factory Building

1 X A4 Sheet £4.95

BScene2 Fact

A Familiar Street

1 X A4 Sheet £4.95

BScene2 FamSt

Railway Street

1 X A4 Sheet £4.95

BScene2 RailSt

High Street

1 X A4 Sheet £4.95

BScene2 High St

A selection of shops & businesses to be found on a suburban shopping street. There are 27 in total including a post office, bakers, butchers, pub, barbers, general store, launderette, ironmongers, bank, pet shop, greengrocers, fishmongers, café, toy shop and more.

Derelict Street Set 1

1 X A4 Sheet £4.95

BScene2 Derelict1

Derelict Street Set 2

1 X A4 Sheet £4.95

BScene2 Derelict2

Engineering Works

1 X A4 Sheets £4.95

BScene2 EngW

Gladstone Street

1 X A4 Sheet1 £4.95

BScene2 GladSt

Hill Street Example.jpg

As the name suggests, these backscene elements are designed to go up (or down) gradients. However, if the modeller desires, they can also be used on the level giving a degree of versatility. The houses in this set are in a similar style to those of the Gladstone Street set (BScene2 GladSt).

Hill Street

1 X A4 Sheets £4.95

BScene2 HillSt

Mill Building

1 X A4 Sheet £4.95

BScene2 Mill

Council Housing

1 X A4 Sheet £4.95

BScene2 Council

Railway Warehouse

1 X A4 Sheet £4.95

BScene2 RailWare

1 Goods Warehouse whole building.jpg

These large Railway Goods Warehouses were built by the railway companies for the storage and transhipment of goods that needed to be kept dry or were of  high value. An ideal backdrop to a large goods yard. You have the choice of one for :


Great Western Railway

London Midland & Scottish Railway

London & North Eastern Railway

Southern Railway

Warehouse / Factory Back

1 X A4 Sheet £4.95

BScene2 Ware

Brick Retaining Arched Wall

1 X A4 Sheet £4.95

BScene2 BrickArch

St. Michael’s Church is a large early Victorian building built on the site of a medieval church. The scene features the church, a small parish hall and the accompanying churchyard. An ideal focal point when surrounded by the terraced housing in our Urban Scenes range.

St. Michael's Parish Church

1 X A4 Sheet £4.50

BScene2 Church

Stone Arches with infill

1 X A4 Sheet £4.95

BScene2 SArch

Stone Arches with Shops

1 X A4 Sheet £4.95

BScene2 SArchShop

Steel Fabrication Works

1 X A4 Sheet £4.95

BScene2 FabWorks

Page Header Backscenes.jpg

Stone Arches with Lock-ups

1 X A4 Sheet £4.95

BScene2 SArchL-up

Under the Arches

1 X A4 Sheet £4.95

BScene2 SUndArch

Victoria Road

1 X A4 Sheet £4.95

BScene2 VicRd

Station Road Backs

1 X A4 Sheet £4.95

BScene2 StnRd

Station Hotel

1 X A4 Sheet £4.95

BScene2 Hotel

Factory Backs Backscene (8).JPG

To purchase these products and to find out more details including sizes the click the link below:

Page Header Backscenes.jpg

British Imperial Tool Works

1 X A4 Sheet £4.95

BScene2 ToolWorks

1 Fact 2 mark 3 Walling.jpg

British Imperial Tool Works established in 1896 occupies this brick built building with large windows to maximise light in the workshops and forge. This backscene also features the main gates with lodge and walling for the yard.

Manufacturing Works

1 X A4 Sheet £4.95

BScene2 ManWorks

1 Brick and concrete Building B.jpg

The manufacturing works of Harry Wells Ltd. is typical of many factories of the 1940s / 50s constructed with concrete encased girders, metal framed windows with asbestos roofing. What the works manufactures is up to you!

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