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General Mr Anyone

Pub,Street & Shop Signs

A5 Pack


Seaside Hut and Church Revised 1 Signs Assortment for Sarsfield Garage Signs Commissions 1 Anderson Brewery Signs

Brewery and Public House Signage

A5 Pack

Seaside Kiosks and Church Signage

A5 Pack

Personalised Shop & Business Signage

A5 Pack

Personalised Garage Signs & Petrol Pump Dials

A5 Pack


Control 3 Control 2 Air photos Control 4 Control 5 control 1 Air photos

Andrew Long was building this fantasically detailed 1/72 Control tower. He needed extra details and Sankey Scenics came up with these. Check out Andrew's super modelling at Britmodeller.com


For larger views - click on images

uk-royal-air-force uk-royal-air-force Air photos 1 War time control tower


PACK Charlies Cars Z Bespoke Bridge Advertisements for Ray Ellis New Printer 535 1 Hall and Woodhouse Brewery Signs

1/43 Coach Operator's Signage

A5 Pack

1/76 Prototype Bridge Signage - Potters Bar

A5 Pack

Brewery and Public House Signage

A5 Pack

Faded Wall Signs & Pub Signage

A5 Pack

Boddingtons Ghost Pack Wills Girder Bridge for Daly OO Gauge Billboard Assortment

Girder Bridge Signs

A4 Pack

Billboard Posters

A5 Pack


Signs for Redditch mrc Oakenshaw

Some signage supplied to Redditch Model Railway Club for their atmospheric layout 'Oakenshaw' based in

West Yorkshire.

Pub signs for RMRC

Hornby Magazine

October 2014

Based on the Aire Valley line in West Yorkshire, this layout is based in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The railway is surrounded by mills and stone buildings typical of the area and the layout really captures the look of the district. Sankey Scenics produced these pub signs together with the girder bridge sign. To see more pictures visit the Redditch Model Railway Club website at www.redditch-mrc.com

Halfway House Redditch MRC B Halfway house sign Hornby Oct 2014


Railway Carriage Destination Boards

When modellers see the quality of our Titled Train Packs, they sometimes ask if we can produce special bespoke train packs?

Special Train Packs

South Devon 2i 4 mm Scale Named Train The DORSETMAN 4 mm Scale Named Train Dorset Coast

Packs come with boards in the style, colour and length that you require together with headboards. If interested use the link below or contact us from the Contact Page.

The Dorsetman roofboards Maroon for web Dorset Coast Express roofboards green for web Destination Boards Button logo for cabinet small South Devon 1

'The South Devon' on Wencombe by Alan Davies

South Devon Cream roofboards  italic single 4 mm Scale Named Train The South Devon

Thanks to Alan Davies


A special railtour headboard to mark the retirement of Phil Greaves's popular layout.

Thanks to Phil Greaves

LOGO Sankey Scenics small logo for cabinet small Rhyd-y-Clafdy Headboard

Carriage Destination Boards

Names might be real or fictitious - just provide them to us and we will produce a pack for you in the railway colours that you specify. Prices vary according to the size of pack. Just drop us an email with requirements and we will get back in touch - simply click the box below:

Your Town


4 mm Scale Named Train Bournemouth-Birkenhead Coachboard Link Button Bespoke


A Nod to Brent.

An excellent layout built by Robin Sweet

“A Nod to Brent” is well known to users of RMWeb and appeared in the January 2017 issue of BRM Magazine. It features the Brent layout built by Robin Sweet. Rob approached Sankey Scenics when he wanted posters for the island platform building. Many of these had to produced from scratch to match those that could be seen in a period photograph. It took a long time to devise these but the end result was pleasing. Visit RMWeb to see more of Robin's layout.

Signage for Brent Brent Original A Not to Brent Details Brent Building DSCF0013 DSCF0018



Some bespoke locomotive nameplates produced for

Grimy Times, the Weathering Specialist.

Grimy Times logo small

Other Bespoke Rolling Stock details including Nameplates, Headboards and Van posters

Van Posters 4mm Bespoke for Steve 7mm Silver Jubilee 1977 4 mm Scale Named Train Fleche D'Or Class 33 Nameplates Buckleys Brewery Mark 3 Felinfoel Ales 4 mm Scale Named Train Jolly Fisherman

Payment for Customised Orders

Payments for any Bespoke / Customised Orders can be made by Cheque or Postal Order. Alternatively you can pay via Paypal by clicking the appropriate Bespoke banding rate below and postage will be automatically added. You will have already been quoted a price verbally or via email. Once you have paid, your work will be completed and sent to you.

Need something special ?

We might be

able to help.

LOGO Sankey Scenics small Bespoke Work £4.75 Bespoke Work £5.00 Bespoke Work £7.00 Bespoke Work £8.00 Bespoke Work £9.00 Bespoke Work £10.00 Bespoke Work £4.50 Bespoke Work £4.00 Bespoke Work £6.00 Bespoke Work £6.50 Bespoke Work £7.50 Bespoke Work £8.50 Bespoke Work £11.00 Bespoke Work £12.00 Bespoke Work £2.75 Bespoke Work £2.50 Bespoke Work £3.00 Bespoke Work £3.25 Bespoke Work £3.50 Bespoke Work £3.75 Bespoke Work £9.50 Bespoke Work £6.75 Bespoke Work £5.50 Bespoke Work £5.75

We Can.

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Non UK


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Bespoke / Customised items

Are you looking for something in particular?

                                                                     - Sankey Scenics might be able to help.

As well as our extensive range of quality stock items (see links above & on left side), we are also able to tailor model railway signage and accessories to your requirements. As well as customised packs for Stations and Traction Maintenance Depots with names of your choice, we can also a full bespoke service. Examples of some previous bespoke work can be seen further down the page.

Customised Packs

Web button British Railways Station N Gauge Web button British Rail Station N gauge Web button Coal Mines Bespoke Payments

2mm Scale / N Gauge

Web button N TMD Web button Network SouthEast Station N LOGO Sankey Scenics small


Web button British Rail Station Web button British Railways Station. 2 Web button Old Style Nameboards Web button Scot Rail Station

Other customised packs

under development

Web button Customised Coachboards Web button Customised SR signs Web button Customised Hawkseyes LOGO Sankey Scenics small

4mm Scale / OO Gauge

Web button OO TMD Web button Network SouthEast Station OO Web button Regional Railways Station Web button Northern Rail Web button Coal Mines


Web button British Railways Station O Gauge

Bespoke Packs - special requirements for the modeller

Occasionally modellers require a particular "one-off" to help complete a particular modelling project. Below you can see a very small selection of packs that we have completed for customers to meet this need. Click on the pictures for a larger images of the packs.


7mm Scale / O Gauge

Web button Customised SR signs Web button Customised Hawkseyes Web button Old Style Nameboards 1 GHOST WALLS BRICK Mikes Motor Cycles 4mm 1 General Signage for Peter Smith Hinxmans Pack 4mm Wessex Dairies Signs 2mm

Bridge Signage

A6 Pack

Brick Wall Signage

A5 Pack

Motorcycle Shop

A6 Pack

NCL Signage

A6 Pack

4 mm Scale National Carriers Limited Bere Regis Coaches Pack 4mm 1 Motorbike Garage Signs 4mm 1 Blue Circle

Cement Depot Signage

A6 Pack

General Signage

A6 Pack

Wessex Dairies

A6 Pack

Private Coach Company

A6 Pack

Web button Coal Mines Web Button Customised PACKS Modern Station